Group Singing Class – Performance of “Part Of Your World”

Christopher Anderson-West teaches individual Voice Lessons, as well as a weekly group Singing Class and a class on Musicianship For Singers, at Raise The Barre dance studio.

In our Group Singing Class yesterday afternoon we had our first ever live performance and coaching of a song! One of our younger students performed a beautiful rendition of “Part Of Your World”, from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Part of what I try to incorporate into the Group Singing Class is a safe place to perform whatever it is that each student wants to work on. After the song the remaining students each offered what they enjoyed about her performance and then we went to work on technique.

A live coaching might seem like it only benefits the one person receiving the coaching, but that really is not the case. Each singer can incorporate what they hear from the coaching into their own practice habits … and hopefully each singer gets their own turn to sing when they feel comfortable doing so as well. I will also try to create a time for all the singers to work on what was being coached at the end of each class as well … just to make sure everyone understands what was presented and taught for the day.

Yesterday we worked on having the soft palate raised throughout entire phrases, how to blend and sing through changes in register (specifically the middle to upper registers), the importance of releasing with a nice deep breath after each phrase, and where exactly to place higher notes so that they don’t sound pinched or flat.


The Group Singing Class is on Wednesdays, from 3:45 – 4:45. We will be having a break this next week as I will be out of town, but will be letting our voices ring out again on Wednesday, April 30th. Come on down! You’ll have fun and are guaranteed to learn something :-).


Christopher Anderson-West is a conservatory trained operatic tenor and voice teacher currently living in Southern Orange County, California. Christopher is pleased to be working with Raise The Barre dance studio as a Vocal Instructor and teacher of a weekly class on Musicianship For Singers.

Christopher studied both voice and composition for five years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He has had the honor of performing in England, France, Italy, China, and around the United States.

As a voice teacher, Christopher’s method is primarily based on the operatic bel canto technique; meaning “beautiful singing”. This technique is currently employed in not only opera, but virtually every form of singing from Pop, to R&B, to Broadway and more … the principles can be carried over as a basis for just about any style of singing.

Christopher’s goal is to impart a healthy vocal technique that will allow you or your child to progress confidently into whatever field of music you or they enjoy.


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