Group Singing Class

Christopher Anderson-West teaches individual Voice Lessons, as well as a weekly group Singing Class and a class on Musicianship For Singers, at Raise The Barre dance studio.

Christopher Anderson-West as Canio in Pagliacci - Washington DC.

Christopher Anderson-West as Canio in Pagliacci – Washington DC.

I will be teaching a weekly Group Singing Class beginning Wednesday, March 12th at 4:00 pm. The class will be held at the Raise The Barre dance studio. Ideally the class is for everyone who wants to learn the basics of singing. However, I will be working with the fabulous dance instructors at Raise The Barre to put together a performance group that can sing and perform throughout the Orange County area.

If either of these ideas interest you, improving your singing voice or you are interested in performing with a group, call Raise The Barre dance studio at: (949) 340-9070.

If you are looking for private voice lessons I am available for half hour or hour long sessions. I will be conducting most of my lessons at Raise The Barre, however, if you would like a lesson at your house I am willing to do so if you have a piano or keyboard (for one hour lessons only).


Christopher Anderson-West is a conservatory trained operatic tenor and voice teacher currently living in Southern Orange County, California. Christopher is pleased to be working with Raise The Barre dance studio as a Vocal Instructor and teacher of a weekly class on Musicianship For Singers.

Christopher studied both voice and composition for five years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He has had the honor of performing in England, France, Italy, China, and around the United States.

As a voice teacher, Christopher’s method is primarily based on the operatic bel canto technique; meaning “beautiful singing”. This technique is currently employed in not only opera, but virtually every form of singing from Pop, to R&B, to Broadway and more … the principles can be carried over as a basis for just about any style of singing.

Christopher’s goal is to impart a healthy vocal technique that will allow you or your child to progress confidently into whatever field of music you or they enjoy.


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